Monday, December 15, 2008

The Blago Enablers: Part One by Marathon Pundit

John Ruberry does it again, poking fingers in the eyes of local politicians. He does that everyday at his blog, Marathon Pundit, and today he begins a post titled "Punishing the Blago enablers, part one: Jan Schakowksy." Nice and blunt, that's John. Rubery notes that his "congresscritter" is Jan Schakowsky (D-Evanston), who "has made it clear that if there is a special election to fill Barack Obama's US Senate seat, she will run. Politically, she resides on the far-Left of the political sphere, somewhere between Obama and Bill Ayers.To my knowledge, Schakowsky, until last week, never denounced Blago. As noted here previously, Illinois Democrats are working overtime to convince you that they are not corrupt, that they were shocked (shocked!) by the Blagojevich Revelations, and that they will fix everything. Wrong, wrong, and wrong. Lies, lies, more lies. Watch this video of an Obama rally, with Schakowsky as the featured speaker. The room is full of Machine Democrats, some convicted criminals, some future convicts, and all very much participants in the "pay to play" culture of Illinois and Chicago politics. RELATED: The Bench: Ask Supreme Court to Remove Joe Moore, Too Obama: Same Old Crap, New Package ~ The Bench The Bench: Larry Suffredin: Tobacco Lobbyist REVEALED: SCHAKOWSKY IS "SENATE CANDIDATE 3" Anti-Schakowsky Sentiment a Sign of the Times The Bench: BREAKING: SCHAKOWSKY BRINGS IN BIG GUNS FOR SUFFREDIN The Bench: Joe Moore's Loans to a Criminal