Monday, December 29, 2008

Big Belly Trash Can Chokes to Death

Sometimes, low-tech is better. Big Belly trash cans prove this point. They are solar powered trash cans that compact the garbage put inside of them. Big Belly brags that this allows a reduction in needed trash pickups. Of course, Big Bellys also guarantee a 100% increase in mechanical maintenance over the traditional, plain ol' garbage can. You can bet that it will cost more to maintain these things than it will to pound out a dent in a regular can. Not only that, but how "green" do you think it is to manufacture one of these high-tech monstrosities as compared to a regular plastic or metal trash can? This is not the first time we've seen a Big Belly break down. The Bench took a photo of a choking Big Belly on the same corner in May, 2008. We told you this would happen, but of course, anybody could have told you so. Sooner or later, every machine breaks down.