Sunday, December 7, 2008

Behind the Maple Curtain

The Bench front page... "A royal appointee shutting down Parliament; national cross-country protests; bloodthirsty accusations of treason and sedition. All the frictions of a new democracy. I hope they work it out in Thailand! No, welcome to Canadian politics in 2008." So writes Karim Bardeesy in "Chaos in Canada" in Slate Magazine. Canada is a nation so dysfuncitional that it effectively divided itself in the name of linguistic diversity ("To many Canadians, the bloc is like the pervy uncle at the family Christmas dinner—he's full of strange ideas, but he keeps getting gifts and a return invitation," writes Bardeesy). The Great White North is in a frenzy today about the "coup" pulled off by Prime Minister Harper late last week. RELATED: About That Canadian Coup…