Friday, December 12, 2008

Ask Supreme Court to Remove Joe Moore, Too

How is Governor Rod Blagojevich different from Alderman Joe Moore (Chicago, 49th Ward)? Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan (Democrat) today asked the state's Supreme Court to prevent Governor Blagojevich from doing virtually any of the important functions of his office. Madigan wants to "make sure the people of Illinois have a governor who can legitimately fulfill the duties of that office." Blago has been charged by federal authorities with seeking cash in exchange for naming someone to Barack Obama's vacated US Senate seat. Keep in mind, however, that Blago has not been found guilty of anything. The case, still forming, has not even gone to court yet. In other words, Madigan acted against Blago because she believes he is guilty of corruption and because she feels that Blago cannot carry out his duties properly. She believes that the charges against Blago are so ugly that Blago should, in effect, be removed from office, if only temporarily. The feds have audio recordings of Blago and his top aides squeezing people for money in exchange for political favors. 49th Ward bloggers have published a photo of Joe Moore violating election law, shaking the hand of somebody while they are voting. Madigan believes Blagojevich is not capable of performing his duties. Residents of the 49th Ward know and see everyday that Moore is incapable of even getting a pile of gravel picked up. That pile of gravel has been partially obstructing a bus stop for nearly two years now. Madigan believes that charges against Blago are "severe," and so she is acting fast to contain the Governor. 49th Ward residents have severe charges against Moore, which include leaning on local developers for campaign donations, and more. Moore and Blagojevich are both Democrats. They are both cogs in the same Machine. They both engage, allegedly, in "pay to play" politics. Both have backers and promoters who are criminal scum, not the least of which is Robert Creamer, convicted felon husband of Cong. Jan Schakowsky, another Democrat. Madigan, and nearly every other Democrat in Illinois, is suddenly an avenging angel, surprised and shocked that Blago engaged in activities common to Illinois and Chicago political life. They are merely covering their asses, or trying to anyway, in a vain attempt to fool Illinoisans that they themselves are pure and never engage in such loathsome behavior. We know better, and we'd like to know why Madigan et al waited so damned long to this. We'd also like to know when she will ask the Supreme Court to remove the likes of Alderman Moore from their offices. Madigan says that Blago can no longer perform his duties "with any legitimacy." Last time we checked, Blago has not been charged with stealing an election. At least half the residents of the 49th Ward believe that Joe Moore stole his re-election in February, 2007. While we're at it, we'd like to know when federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald will put handcuffs on Mr. Moore. RELATED: The Bench: Alderman Joe Moore's Pile joe moore's shameful campaign contribution Joe Moore's Dead-Beat Dad Money ~ The Bench The Bench: URGENT: Investigation of Joe Moore The Bench: Joe Moore's Fat Cat Developer Donors The Bench: President Obama's Impact on the 49th Ward