Monday, December 1, 2008


THE BENCH What have the lessons of 9/11, Bali, Madrid and now Mumbai taught us? Not much, apparently. Sadly, the West (which has been slumping toward suicide since the end of WWI) has its collective head in the sand when it comes to acknowledging the threat of radical Muslims. Most major news outlets are reluctant to even call Muslim terrorists what they are: Muslim terrorists. Calling them that does not mean that all Mulsims are terrorists; they're obviously not. But the the terrorists in Mumbai, those in Bali, the ones flying into New York and the Pentagon, were Muslims. It is an undeniable commonality, yet it is undeniably denied by the Western media. Raphael Israeli, a Moroccan by birth, is a professor of Islamic, Middle Eastern and Chinese history at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and has written more than two dozen books. Jihad Watch has a profound piece written by Prof. Israeli that addresses the foolish ignorance of the West in dealing with the threat of the global spread of radical Islam: The events of Mumbai, the “surprise” they caused, the clumsy fashion in which they were treated, and the almost glorifying attitude meted out to them by the world media, demonstrate, seven years after the September 11 attacks, that little was learned in the West from them, while the pledges of Islamic terrorism to pursue its novel strategy proved credible and feasible. For after Madrid, London, Bali and other acts of mega-terrorism, the West still hesitates to pronounce the M-word, and talks about “Militants”, who draw sympathy in the Islamic world, instead of condemning them as Muslim terrorists and trying to rally moderate governments worldwide in support of the war against them. Moreover, instead of vigorously rejecting the Muslim notion of jihad, in the name of which all these horrors are done, the West has been indulging in the vain distinction between Islam and “Islamism”, ignoring the fact that they are one and the same faith and that jihad is the language of both. FULL ARTICLE... Hat tip to sister blog Muslims Against Sharia...