Friday, November 14, 2008

Why Your Neighbor Kid Is Unemployed

More than 500,000 illegal immigrants are ignoring court orders to leave the US. That's in addition, of course, to the tens of millions of illegal immigrants who are also in the US but just don't have court orders yet to leave. Look at the unemployment situation in your neighborhood, folks, and see how many teens are without work even though they're looking. Then go to your neighborhood pizzeria and look in the kitchen. Visit your local McDonalds. Look at them and see illegal immigrants taking jobs that, according to the Big Lie, "Americans don't want." Then ask those neighbor kids - the ones here legally, that is - if they'd like to have the jobs that the illegals have stolen from them. BOSTON An estimated half-million immigrants are living in the United States in defiance of deportation orders....U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has stepped up efforts to catch fugitive aliens, as they are known, and now has about 100 "fugitive operations teams" around the country. In the past year, the teams have made 34,000 arrests, more than double the number two years ago. But there are still 560,000 such immigrants in the U.S. Fugitive aliens include people who, like Obama's aunt, sought asylum in the United States but were rejected and ordered to leave the country. Others were caught entering or living in this country illegally, and failed to show at their deportation hearings. Full Story from AP at Yahoo! News... RELATED: The evils of an amnesty for illegal immigrants