Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wake Up, Infidels!

All kidding aside, you people better wake up, and soon. "Sharia creep," that slow but sure invasion of Islamic law into Western culture, is moving like a glacier. So slow it's hard to see unless you measure it daily. But like a glacier, it seems unstoppable. Keep sleeping America, and you may wake up one day to find that your mother has been beaten in the streets for not wearing a veil. Oh, you think that's ridiculous? Read on, Infidels, as Jihad Watch updates us on the steady march of Islamic influence into our courts of law: Assault on Free Speech Update -- but sleep on, folks. We all know it can't happen here, and that the real problem is that someone might have put on her coat in a way that made someone else think she was making the Hitler salute. There ain't no possible way that "hate speech" codes could be enacted in the United States, what with the First Amendment, right? Right? MORE at Jihad Watch... Wrong, as the article points out. Read this, people, if you're not too sleepy. It can happen here. It's happening already. RELATED: Michelle Malkin » Sharia creep on campus Michelle Malkin » Sharia in the classroom Dhimmi Watch: UK: "Sharia law now legally binding" Miss Kelly : Shariah Creep at Harvard and Elsewhere The Atheist Conservative : Sharia creep A textbook case of sharia creep.... FrontPage Magazine: Sharia Creep Around the World Google Search for "sharia creep"