Thursday, November 13, 2008


Corrupt public officials in Mexico is nothing that raises eyebrows, but a report from By Ricardo Ravelo at Proceso tells us that the corruption in Mexico reaches higher and deeper than many previously thought. Imagine major narcotics cartels "owing" the highest officials in the US Government. That, in effect, is the situation in Mexico. The big drug traffickers of Mexico, writes Ravelo, are protected at the highest levels of Mexico's federal government. NarcoNews has excellent translation from the original Spanish and notes by Kristin Bricker. An excerpt (emphasis mine): The animosity between the heads of Federal Attorney General’s Office and the Public Security Ministry don’t just immobilize the federal government and make its crusade against drug traffickers and organized crime futile. It also shows that both institutions are so porous that the gangsters have already positioned themselves in them. The infiltration is of such magnitude that even Eduardo Medina Mora and Genaro Garcia Luna have become suspect. FULL ARTICLE at This is serious stuff. Mexico, already a basket case of economic inefficiency and corruption, is losing out big time in the international arena. It's so bad that the Mexico stock exchange says the drug war is scaring off IPOs (Reuters). In other words, it's so bad down there that businesses in Mexico "are scrapping plans to float shares on the stock exchange for fear of raising their profile amid a brutal drug war and a surge in kidnappings, the bourse president said on Tuesday." RELATED: Narcos Infiltrate the Mexican Military High-ranking SIEDO officials detained...