Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tom Daschle Accepts Obama's Cabinet Position Offer: Sec. of Health and Human Services

THE Former US Senator Tom Daschle from South Dakota will be nominated for a big job in the coming Obama Administration. In fact, Daschle has accepted the offer. Yep, Obama wants him to be the next Secretary of Health and Human Services. Daschle could do much to further screw up the nation's economy and meddle in people's lives. The Wall Street Journal notes that Daschle believes all Americans "should be required to buy health insurance — a key difference from Obama, who argues that only children should be required to have health insurance. (Plenty of powerful Dems, Max Baucus and Hillary Clinton, have also called for mandates)." Did you catch the word "mandate?" That means that if you choose to not have health insurance, for whatever reason, the Government would be able to fine you and - ultimately - imprison you for not having mandatory coverage. Welcome to the Nanny Dictatorship, people. More scary stuff from WSJ about uber-Liberal Daschle: "Perhaps the most striking part of Daschle’s plan is his call to create a Federal Health Board, modeled on the Federal Reserve Board that manages monetary policy. The basic idea is to create an institution, run by experts, that answers to the government but is “largely insulated from the politics and passions of the moment,” he writes." I wonder if Daschle really thinks you're stupid enough to believe that a "Federal Health Board" would be "insulated from politics." Do you eat candy? Drink alcohol? Smoke? Yes? And do you believe that the Health Police won't ask for your papers if they see you eating a Twinkie? Believe it, folks. Hmmm...Daschle, daschle, daschle...where've I heard that before? Oh yes - this is change! More of the Old Guard is Change! I'm beginning to understand now. Just as a blizzard or cold snap is attributed to Global Warming, I guess the New Think is to consider everything old as new again. You dig?