Wednesday, November 26, 2008


THE DEVELOPING: HEAVILY ARMED TERRORISTS CREATING HAVOC IN BOMBAY/MUMBAI, INDIA'S FINANCIAL CAPITOL. MASSACRE HAPPENING AT THIS MOMENT IN BOMBAY (MUMBAI). 900 INJURED. AT LEAST 40 HOSTAGES TAKEN. Fox News Channel reports 80 dead "or more" (at 3:00 p.m. EST). British and American citizens are seem to be the primary targets. UPDATE x5: TAJ MAHAL BOMBED, "HUNDREDS DEAD"... UPDATE x4: Reports now say 900 injured. UPDATE x3: The Indian army has been called in to control situation. UPDATE x3: India's Intelligence Bureau says that terrorists were behind the attacks because the operation was synchronized and the gunmen involved used AK-47 rifles. More at UPDATE x3: At least 40 hostages taken - More at Times of India... Also see video reports at Times of India. Excellent report at The Daily Mail (UK) reports at 3:02 p.m. EST that "Gunmen wielding assault rifles and hurling grenades targeted two luxury five star hotels, the city's railway station and a hospital. Witnesses claimed the terrorists were demanding 'anyone with a British or American passport.'" Full Article with video... RELATED: British Foreign Office stresses "high terrorism threat" in India Terror Strikes India's Financial Capital Obama Won, But Terrorists Still Hate Us Extra Police in Subways After al Qaeda ‘Discussions’ US issues warning of threat on NY subway system Al Qaeda may target New York trains, feds say Mumbai rocked by deadly shootings