Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nuclear Iran: IAEA Charges "Total Disrespect"

THE History repeats itself. Just as Iraq once blocked UN inspectors, Iran continues to do the same. The Interational Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is now condemning Iran for its complete refusal to allow inspections of its nuclear facilities. Question: If Iran has nothing to hide, why are working so hard to hide it? The situation has become so frustrating that even Russia is calling on Iran to come clean. Meanwhile, Iran's client Syria is using similar tactics of denial. All of this, naturally, has Israel very, very worried. Iran is showing "utter disrespect" for the U.N. nuclear watchdog by ignoring unanswered questions about its atomic programme, European powers said on Thursday....Iran's denial of an IAEA request to check design details at a research reactor under construction and its failure to provide preliminary design data for a nuclear power plant planned at Darkhovin were of particular concern, he said. Full Story from Reuters... MORE: News Center : In Focus : IAEA and Iran IAEA Broadens Probe of Syria Plans To Build Up Its Nuclear Program IAEA, ending meeting, presses Syria to cooperate Syria Accused of Iranian Tactics to Hide Covert Nuclear Activity