Saturday, November 22, 2008


THE Hillary Clinton will be the next Secretary of State. According to late reports last night, Mrs. Clinton has accepted Obama's offer for the cabinet position. Clinton, clinton, clinton...where've I heard that before? Oh yes - this is change! More of the Old Guard is Change! I'm beginning to understand now. Just as a blizzard or cold snap is attributed to Global Warming, I guess the New Think is to consider everything old as new again. You grok that? Xornal :Hillary Clinton acepta el puesto de Secretaria de Estado - Hillary Clinton ha aceptado ser la secretaria de Estado en el Gobierno de Barack Obama, según aseguraron ayer dos personas muy cercanas a la senadora citadas por el diario The New York Times. Se prevé que el anuncio oficial del nombramiento se producirá tras la fiesta de Acción de Gracias, que se prolonga hasta el domingo 30 de noviembre... Clinton heads to State Department - Hillary Rodham Clinton has decided to give up her Senate seat to become secretary of state in the Obama administration...