Hate Crime Report Was Hoax

Charge: Filing a false police report Oh, and also lying about a "hate crime" that seems to have been fabricated by this lying liar. From the Chicago Tribune: Jilani, a Muslim student, who said a masked gunman assaulted her on October 9, 2008 after he wrote anti-Muslim slurs in a women's restroom at Elmhurst College. Jilani, 19, of Oak Brook, was arrested a week later after authorities concluded there was no merit to her complaint. Now, seriously. Is it believable that someone would write anti-Muslim crap on a wall? You betcha. Is it believable that such a person would then put on a mask and hang around, then assault the first Muslim female he sees? No, not really, and that's how the Elmhurst Police felt about it, too. "The totality of all the evidence, and interviews with staff and students at the college ... concluded that this incident never happened," said Elmhurst Police Chief Steve Neubauer. What really happened? The Tribune: Jilani's report of an attack followed several weeks of tension on campus that began when some students allegedly called anti-Muslim slurs at students protesting the treatment of U.S. captives at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp. Let's see. It's probably safe to guess that Ms. Jilani is a liberal, based on the fact that she was participating in a protest against Guantanamo. It's safe to say she's a Muslim. It's probably safe, as well, to say that she was involved in anti-US activities, she hates the US military, probably subscribes to Saul Alinsky's methods, and is bitter for reasons she is not well-read enough to fully understand. She probably made the false hate crime accusation out of hatred itself. Ms. Jilani is a hate filled person who decided to strike out in a cowardly way: Lie, and lie to get somebody in legal trouble because of .... because of the "crime" of honestly speaking their thoughts. Of course, in this case, there was nobody honestly speaking their allegedly anti-Muslim speech. Remember, she lied about that. But one must wonder if Ms. Jilani gets all in a lather when she hears or reads her fellow liberals - and some of her fellow Muslims - make heinous slurs and hate speech against non-Muslims, conservatives, capitalists, the US military. It's probably a safe bet that she engages in such hate speech herself. The Tribune continued: As officials at the private college, affiliated with the United Church of Christ, called the incident a hate crime, hundreds of students rallied to show solidarity with their Muslim peers, who constitute about 25 of the school's 3,300 students. [SOURCE: Chicago Tribune] By the way, remember the crazy white bitch who falsely claimed that a black man assaulted her because she was wearing a McCain button? That made national headlines and had a good run in the broadcast media for about three full days. Did you see the same kind of coverage for Safia Jilani's equally outrageous lies? No, you did not. Ask yourself why that is. Sadly, it has become all too common to make up false accusations of hate crimes. I don't like rude speech, but the idea of fining or imprisoning somebody for saying something is revolting. It's become a favorite weapon of the Lying Left. RELATED: Police charge student for faking anti-Muslim 'hate crime' Police: Student made up story of being attacked Safia Jilani NBC Chicago Jihad Watch: Spencer: The Hate Crimes Racket Staging Hate Crimes: The Academic Left's Reichstag Gambit Michelle Malkin » GWU student journalist admits hate crime hoax Jihad Watch: Fitzgerald: Muslim hate crimes hoaxes: don't be a dope More Muslim "Hate Crime" Myths - Daniel Pipes Blog The Truth Seeker - Calif. Professor Charged with Hate Crime Hoax Hate Crimes Against Muslim Student at Arizona State a Hoax A Hoax Exposed at Princeton

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