Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ginderske Vows To Kiss "Everyone in Rogers Park"

THE He's spreading the love. Jim Ginderske, former candidate for alderman in Chicago's 49th Ward, says he's on a mission. A kissing mission. "Everyone needs a kiss now and then," Ginderske said recently, "and I'm the guy to give it to them." Ginderske says that kissing people empowers them to feel loved. "We all need loving. And I'm the guy to give it to them. That, and empowerment. I'm the love empowerer of Rogers Park," he said. His strategy is simple: Walk around the Rogers Park neighborhood and randomly kiss people, like the man in the photo here. Ginderske was crossing Morse Avenue when he spontaneously grabbed a businessman, in the middle of the street, and kissed him. It only lasted for 90 seconds, but Ginderske said he feels he made a good friend. They exchanged business cards and promised to call each other. "Men, women, children, they all need loving," Ginderske said. "Sometimes it's best when it's random. I'll just grab somebody on a whim, if they look like they need a kiss or even just a prolonged hug. I love hugging." At least one local doesn't approve of Ginderske's random acts of kissing, however. She asked to remain anonymous, but told The Bench that she feels "creeped out" by Ginderske's actions. "I mean," she said on the phone, "what if I don't want him to kiss me? How do I know where his lips were, you know, like twenty minutes ago? What if I catch something? What if my kid catches something?"