Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dumbest Comment of the Year (So Far)

The Rogers Park neighborhood, also known as the "Fifth Creepiest Neighborhood in America," is full of nut cases. Take, for example, the creep who anonymously crawls through the comments sections of various blogs and other web sites. The creep calls itself "RogersParkPlace" (RPR). Yesterday (Nov. 18), I posted a nice photo of crab apples, taken by a devoted reader of The Bench. That's all, a photo of a crab apple tree. Nutter RogersParkPlace, however, saw boogy men in those crab apples. The ultimate in insane leftist paranoia ranting, RPR wrote the following today: Do you have birth certificates for those crabapples? Well do you?!?! Those might be Islamic terrorist, Socialist,Marxist, Communist, Grandmother murdering crabapples without valid U.S. citizens We must assume that the phrase "without valid U.S. citizens" really means "without valid U.S. citizenship," or something like that, but then it's difficult to analyze the true meaning of an obviously sick mind. He apparently confuses my valid concern about the security of our borders - a concern shared by most Democrats, I should add - with crab apples. I don't get it. How the hell did RPR draw anything political from a photo of a crab apple tree? If any of you actually know RPR, you may want to consider distancing yourself from what appears to be an unstable, paranoid, delusional little man with a gray goatee who likes to drink liquor at the Morseland Pool Hall. Today's bizarre communique from RPR reminds me of a previous nutter RPR email, which you can read here. Or another one, in which RPR mocked the mentally ill. (How ironic.) Because his IP address showed up in the comment, I know who he is. He is well connected in Rogers Park. I won't reveal his real name out of respect for his hot blonde wife. However, we shall hear no more from nutter RPR. You see, RPR's IP address is now banned and blocked from any future commenting on The Bench. Note to RPR: I'm still waiting for that budget info you promised me last year.