Saturday, November 29, 2008

Commenter Wants New York "Flattened"

THE "America's national security is the lowest priority on the Democratic Party agenda." ~ David Horowitz A comment signed by "Lenny Cruikshank" says he would rather see New York City "flattened" than "anywhere in India get damaged." Now, I certainly don't wish any harm on any place in India and, like many, am saddened by this week's terrorist activity there. But for someone to wish for New York to be harmed is bewildering. Perhaps "Lenny" sympathizes with the terrorists. "Lenny" obviously hates the US, and perhaps has a special grudge against New York. I'm guessing that "Lenny" is one of those folks who thinks Reverend Jeremiah Wright is a wise man. Perhaps Lenny would rather see his own mother raped than any other woman be harmed. What a patriot. Do you think Lenny voted for McCain, or for Obama? The full comment was on my recent post UPDATED: IS INDO-PAK WAR ON HORIZON?, in which I quoted a story from Stratfor, a group of respected experts in security and geopolitics. Lenny apparently thinks he's smarter than those folks, and so he wrote his disgusting comment: You are an idiot This sort of scaremongering is utterly wrong I'd rather the whole of New York be flattened than anywhere in India get damaged, I can only live in hope Lenny Cruikshank Let's hope Lenny is actually in New York if, God Forbid, it is ever "flattened." RELATED: WHY LIBERALS HAVE TO TRUST DICTATORS Anti-Americanism by Jean Francois Revel The psychological roots of anti-Americanism How to talk to anti-Americans