Friday, November 28, 2008


THE STALIN'S SHADOW IN LONDON: Is this the beginning of a political purge a la Stalin and Lenin? Some say the arrest of British MP Damian Green could signal the beginning of political persecution. Green, a member of the Conservative Party, was arrested for actions connected with his position as an official whistleblower, charged with "leaking" information improperly. The BBC reports: "Conservative sources said a police investigation into a high-ranking politician would have to have been cleared at "the very top" and have described the actions as "Stalinesque".(Source: BBC) The "very top" is Prime Minister Gordon Brown, a member of the liberal Labour Party. The United Kingdom, birthplace of the Magna Carta, that beautiful document that has inspired democratic movements around the world and across centuries for more than 700 years, is becoming a dictatorial anti-free speech tyranny. In 1956, Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister during WWII, described the Magna Carta as "a law which is above the King and which even he must not break." Today, Brown is being accused of abusing his power, and, indeed, the Magna Carter itself. The Magna Carta says, "No freeman shall be taken, imprisoned,...or in any other way destroyed...except by the lawful judgment of his peers, or by the law of the land. To no one will we sell, to none will we deny or delay, right or justice." The Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution was inspired by that. It says, "No person deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law." The flap over Damian Green's arrest is especially band for Brown in the wake of recent polling that shows public confidence in him has sharply dropped. This is tyranny with a smile, but it's a crooked smile with very sharp teeth. You may say I am exaggerating. If so, then so is Iain Martin, writer for the respected Telegraph newspaper in the UK. Martin writes that the arrest of Damian Green is "seriously sinister" and will likely cause a constitutional crisis (emphasis added): This entire episode is quite chilling and the implications of his arrest in connection with information he gathered from a whistle blower (information which was true) are horrendous for parliamentary authority. The encroachment of the Executive and the police on the business of an MP going about his business, who was working to put legitimate information in the public domain, is seriously sinister. (Source: Another respected newspaper, The Scotsman, offers the headline, "'Stalin-style' arrest of Tory MP by terror police sparks fury." There are many others who see Stalin's shadow in this story. reports that an email from the Conservatives denounced Green's arrest for activities related to his job as the Shadow Immigration Minister (opposition spokesman for immigration): “Mr. Green has, on a number of occasions, legitimately revealed information which the Home Office chose not to make public. Mr. Green denies any wrongdoing and stands by his actions.” (Source: Gordon Brown, of late, has been writing letters to contestants on ITV's X Factor. According to The First Post, "Gordon Brown has been writing individual letters to all 12 of the finalists of ITV's The X Factor. In what could be interpreted as a craven bid togarner favour with the general public, Brown not only wishes each contestant good luck but also offers some criticism of the programme's devisor and notoriously tough judge, Simon Cowell." Will Mr. Brown write a letter to Damian Green, wishing him good luck? Perhaps he will, if his behavior continues to grow more bizarre by the week. RELATED: Profile of Damian Green MP for Ashford and Shadow Minister for Immigration 'Stalin-style' arrest of Tory MP by terror police sparks fury Tory minister Damian Green arrested under the Official Secrets Acts Support for Gordon Brown plummets over economic rescue Shadow immigration minister arrested This bird should never have been caged Cameron hits out at MP's arrest Mayor's 'grave' concerns Plight of the unpeople