Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Barack's Betrayal

THE Commentator Jonah Goldberg at The National Review Online questions the sincerity of Barack Obama's promise of "change." He writes that one of Obama's main selling points was his early opposition to the Iraq War. Goldberg's musings, and related items, are pulled together by British writer Neil Clark in a blog post titled "Barack Obama's Great Betrayal of his Anti-war supporters?" "He invoked this more than any other qualification in his early battles with Hillary Clinton," writes Goldberg, "She may have experience, he'd charge, but she lacked the wisdom to oppose the war. Indeed, the whole Democratic establishment was somehow corrupt or out of touch for not opposing the war, according to the Obamaphiles." But now, notes Goldberg, Barack Obama "is going to appoint Hillary Clinton to be the chief architect of his foreign policy." Oh, and that's not all. Lest you forgot, Goldberg reminds us that "Joe Biden, too, supported the war. Meanwhile, at Defense, it looks like he will keep George W. Bush's man, Robert Gates..." Mind you, I am not criticizing Obama for the Hillary thing or the Gates thing. It is simply worth noting, that's all, that even before he takes the office he was just elected to, Obama is breaking major promises - the promises that played a big role in convincing people to vote for him.