Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Uptown: New "Fix Wilson Yard" Petition

"The original Wilson Yard petition was a huge success, garnering over 3,000 signatures," according to Molly Phelan of the Fix Wilson Yard group. ALSO SEE: First Responders Endorse Michael Carroll for 46th Ward Alderman (CNB, January 26, 2011) However, there is a new petition with updated wording. Phelan urges neighbors in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood to sign it. The Fix Wilson Yard web site notes that, "[the] language [of the old petition] is over four years old and not reflective of the situation at Wilson Yard today. So Fix Wilson Yard has drafted a new petition and we need your signatures and those of all of your friends, family and neighbors throughout Chicago!" The new petition can be found by clicking here. Background (from the Wilson Yard is located at the corner of Montrose and Broadway, is the largest parcel of undeveloped land on the North side of Chicago. It sits in a prime location a half mile from Lake Michigan in the Uptown neighborhood, an area that has seen much positive change over the past decade but which now teeters between socio-economic progress and stagnation. Its future lies in our hands. The current Wilson Yard redevelopment plan centers on a failed housing model, funded in part by a whopping $52M in tax increment financing dollars, that will erase our past progress and become a new slum for Uptown.