Thursday, October 2, 2008


Here we go. Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir "KGB" Putin is making dangerous talk about Ukraine... the kind of talk that often preceeds acts of war. Will it come to that? This report from Fox News gives a hint of things to come: Putin asserted Thursday that Ukrainian specialists operated weapons used against Russian servicemen during the August war. Russia has said Ukraine helped arm Georgia before the war, but Putin said weapons sales may have been conducted after the war already stated. And he said weapons systems were operated by Ukrainians. FULL STORY... Yah, like Russian never supplied arms to any nation involved in a conflict! Meanwhiel, AFP reports: Putin sharply criticised the ex-Soviet republic over what he said was weapons used by Georgia to fight Russia during a brief conflict in August. "A more serious crime than arms deliveries in a conflict zone cannot be imagined," Putin said. FULL STORY... MORE: Putin Accuses Ukraine Of Helping Georgia During South Ossetia War Putin accuses Ukraine of sending military into Georgia - Green Left - RUSSIA: Putin's Ukraine catastrophe Merkel Slows NATO Bids by Georgia and Ukraine