Thursday, October 16, 2008

How Hateful the Left

A handful of nutjobs recently yelled "Kill him!" when John McCain mentioned Obama at a rally. That's not nice, but it was also not McCain's sentiment nor any part of the McCain Campaign. Whackjob Democrats, however, are given to being squeamish about such things - unless, of course, they are the ones doing it. The Bench has noted how hateful many (not all, many) self-described "liberals" are. Here, in Rogers Park, a very "liberal" corner of Chicago, it has been common for eight years now to hear otherwise seemingly rational people casually say that they would not hesitate to shoot VP Dick Cheney if they had the chance. Even more common, as you might expect in an overwhelmingly liberal neighborhood, has been the easy way in which those same people openly advocate killing President Bush. Hypocritical leftist hate is also noted at UNCoRRELATED in a post titled "Obama Camp Makes Up Assassination Threat." An excerpt: For years I seen blog posts, comments, bumperstickers and T-shirts calling Bush every vile thing under the sky. I've noted several calls for his imprisonment, and let's face it--calls for his execution. I can't find the picture right now, but using my cell phone camera, I snapped on of a bumpersticker that said "Kill Bush".