Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gee, Success in Afghanistan? Yep...

And that success is coming from Pakistan in an unexpected way. Despite the bullshit that the Democrats are spraying all over the voters, the war on terror is showing strong signs of success. Pakistani tribesmen are raising armies to battle al-Qaida and Taliban militants close to the Afghan border — a movement encouraged by the military and hailed as a sign its offensive there is succeeding. "Succeeding." That's worth repeating. No, I'm not saying we've won in Afghanistan. It's still a slog, but we have good reason to be hopeful. The Pakistani tribesmen seem to be hopeful; you don't raise armies and march off to battle if you don't have some hope of victory. Perhaps the Pakistani tribesmen are more terrified by the prospect of a President Obama invading their country than they are of taking on the Taliban and al-Qaida. After all, Obama has said several times that he would be willing to invade Pakistan. By encouraging the private armies, or "lashkars," the government is exploiting local resentment against foreign and Pakistani extremists in the area, considered a likely hiding place for Osama bin Laden and other al-Qaida leaders. More from AP at Yahoo! News... RELATED: Pakistan hit 'kills 27 Taleban' Pakistani Forces Bomb Suspected Militants Pakistan loyalists take on militants Taliban target Pakistani tribesmen gathering Pakistan army seeks public support against militants Obama is saying the wrong things about Afghanistan Salon Biden criticized Obama on Afghanistan: The Swamp Obama in Afghanistan: Careful What You Wish For McCain Ad Challenges Obama on Afghanistan Bush troop surge to stem rise of Taliban