Wednesday, October 15, 2008


A big Conservative victory in Canada: Seems our neighbors to the north have less faith in unbridled socialism than we thought - or less than they used to. Or both. Canadians voted with their frontal lobes, not their aortas. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the first Western leader to face the electorate since the financial meltdown, won a strengthened second minority government mandate on Tuesday, provisional results showed. Source: Dawn News The best part: Harper is - gasp! - a Conservative! The Conservatives, who convinced voters they were the best choice to steer Canada through the economic turmoil, will still need opposition support to govern. Dawn News notes that the election was "the worst showing in at least 20 years for the Liberals, who have historically governed Canada for longer than any other party." Now, that's real change folks, getting away from the tired old same old socialism. The Conservative leader ran on a modest platform of keeping taxes and spending under control. The Liberals proposed introducing a carbon tax while cutting income taxes and boosting social spending, and Harper said the Liberal plan would throw Canada into recession. This will undoubtedly be unsettling news for liberals, Democrats and unrepentant domestic terrorists in the U.S., where socialist Barack Obama's plan of taxing the crap out of everything will throw the United States - and therefore the world - into depression.