Friday, October 3, 2008

Biden Votes for Indian Nuclear Energy Independence

While you were busy watching the Cubs lose (or were you watching Animal Planet?), the Senate slipped this one through yesterday. It's another demonstration of politics making strange bedfellows, and of strange bedfellows making politics. Biden and Bush agreed on this deal... The India-U.S. nuclear deal on Thursday secured the approval of the U.S. Senate which overwhelmingly voted a bill rejecting all the killer amendments and paving the way for its implementation....Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate Joe Biden, a strong supporter of India, also voted for the bill, which still contains a provision that would ensure cessation of U.S. nuclear cooperation in case New Delhi conducted a nuclear test. Wait, wait. Biden is glad to let India have nuclear power? Okay, then why is he, and his Democrat friends, so reluctant to allow the United States the same kind of energy independence? Mr. Bush and Mr. Biden hailed the passage of the legislation, saying it would strengthen global nuclear non-proliferation efforts and help India increase its energy production. MORE FROM THE HINDU NEWSPAPER...