Friday, October 3, 2008

Anti-Schakowsky Sentiment a Sign of the Times

Follow along, Screwed-Americans. Here in Northern Illinois, there is justified anger toward Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, who voted for the bailout earlier this week. Members of Congress face the wrath of the people, Left and Right, Democrat and Republican, for selling us out. Once again, the taxpayers are screwed. Below, we see an email chain that was sent out to a group this week, beginning on Wednesday and going through this morning. I know that the people involved are liberal Democrats (I've removed their names to protect their privacy). This bodes ill for Schakowsky, a nominally liberal Democrat herself, and for all other Representatives and Senators, Democrats and Republicans, who felt that the taxpayers should pay for the grotesque errors and greed of Wall Street... and of the criminal negligence for more than 13 years by both houses of Congress. Re: Jan Schakowsky voted for the bailout On 10/1/08 8:27 AM, "Xxx Xxxxxxx" wrote: I will never vote for her nor work for her again Vote in the National Cheney Impeachment Poll ---------------------------------------------- BENCH NOTE: I have to note the sadly funny, pitifully knee-jerk inclusion of the "Cheney Impeachment Poll" by one of the emailers. I mean, for God's sake, Cheney will only be in office for a few more months. These emailers are bitching about Cong. Schakowsky selling them out. Why isn't there a National Schakowsky Impeachment Poll? Or a National Barney Frank Impeachment Poll, a National Harry Reid Impeachment Poll, and so on??? Anyway... ---------------------------------------------- From: "Xxx, Xxxxxx" I heard the same, and was flabbergasted. She's very close to Pelosi (the latter was Jan's star guest at one of her women's power luncheons (I've attended two, but don't plan to give her money any more, either. We still have every right to ask her to do the right thing, telling what it is and why it's right. She's often not with us. Watch out for all of them! Whom do I trust the most? Dennis Kucinich! Who am I voting for? Cynthia McKinney (Green Party; if they get 5 percent of the vote nationwide I don't think my vote would matter for Obama) the Green Party will become an established party with a place on the national ballot. Surely they deserve as much a place as the Socialist Labor Party and the Socialist Workers Party! And her issues are right on; I've heard her on the radio. ---------------------------------------------- BENCH NOTE: Whoa! Gotta interject again! These people are bitching about Schakowsky selling them out but apparently do not understand the situation. If they did, they would not be calling for people to vote for the Socialists or the equally socialist Greens. Good Lord, do they not understand that one of the major causes of the current economic crisis is the socialist demands on the banks to loan billions to the subprime market? We are in trouble people, when folks like these emailers are pissed at Schakowsky, Pelosi and others, but then call for people who do even more damage far quicker than Pelosi and her Corruptocrats ever dreamed of! ---------------------------------------------- From: Xxxxxx@xxxxxxxx Sent: Oct 1, 2008 12:10 PM To: [email group] Subject: Re: Jan Schakowsky voted for the bailout sad, Obama needs all of the votes he can get. the alternative is unthinkable! ---------------------------------------------- BENCH NOTE: HOLY COW! Sure, get Obama in there, uh huh. Are these people completely ignorant of the facts? Obama took over $120,000 in donations from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae! Names like Johnson, Gorelick and Raines figure prominently in the scandals - and in Obama's campaign. As Investors Business Daily wrote on Sept. 22, "Though some key Republicans deserve blame as well, it was a concerted Democratic effort that made reform of Fannie and Freddie impossible. The reason for this is simple: Fannie and Freddie became massive providers both of reliable votes among grateful low-income homeowners, and of massive giving to the Democratic Party by grateful investment bankers, both at the two government-sponsored enterprises and on Wall Street." ---------------------------------------------- Friday, October 3, 2008 9:09 AM From: Xxxx Xxxxx To: [email group] On its merits, the Bail-Out plan is a bad bill, no question. Some government action is surely called for, but this is wrong-headed and still basically a give-away to rich speculators. That said, the House progressive caucus split on the vote and had previously sent a letter to Pelosi, with Schakowsky signing on, calling for the bail-out to be paid for by the speculators that caused the mess, as well as measures to help foreclosures and a rescue of 'Main Street'. Those positives were not in the House bill, nor the Senate version expected to pass the House today, due to strong-arm and scare tactics. So ... Wall Street will get its bail-out, as expected. That will not stem the tide of foreclosures or lay-offs or the health care crisis or the many other "main street" needs that were apparently 'too small' to fix. It's time for a series of peoples assemblies to develop what a "Peoples Bail-Out" would look like. We can insist that such a package be brought up in the lame duck session, after Nov. 4, or in the first 100 days of the Obama administration ---------------------------------------------- BENCH NOTE: What we really need is the FBI to arrest half of the members of Congress. A pox on them all. ---------------------------------------------- RELATED: Franklin Raines, Jamie Gorelick, Penny Pritzker, Jim Johnson & Obama Fannie Mae and the Vast Bipartisan Conspiracy 'Crony' Capitalism Is Root Cause Of Fannie And Freddie Troubles Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac execs now offering advice to Obama The Affirmative Action Economic Meltdown Barack Obama's Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Connection To: Jan and Andy - Re: Joe Moore