Wednesday, October 29, 2008

30 Million Man Murderous Math

A shocking video from Hamas (below). No, wait, it's not shocking, it's just more of the same psycho-killer murder babble from Islamofascists. (Uhm, say, doesn't Barack Obama hang with these guys? Why, yes, he does!) Following is an excerpt from the video, which was recorded at a press conference held by Hamas MP Fathi Hammad. He is a member of the Palestinian parliament and also the director of Director of Al-Aqsa Channel (run by Hamas/Palestinian Authority). The interview aired on Al-Aqsa TV on September 7, 2008 [emphasis added]: Fathi Hammad: The approaching victory, about which we are talking, is not limited to Palestine. You are creating the ethos of victory for all Arabs and Muslims, and Allah willing, even on the global level. Why? Because Allah has chosen you to fight the people He hates most – the Jews. Whoa! Let's pause for a moment. According to this guy, who claims to practice the "religion of peace," Allah (also know as "God") "hates" the Jews. Palestinians like Hammad talk peace to outsiders, but within their own twisted little world, they preach hate and murder. In their world, Allah (God) Himself is a hater. Continue: Allah said: "You shall find the worst enemies of the believers to be the Jews and the polytheists." In other words, the Jews, who number 15 million all over the world, are equivalent to 4.5 billion infidels in their corruption and their struggle against the religion of Islam. Therefore, our heroic prisoners who were arrested for killing Jews should know that by the grace of Allah, killing a single Jew is the same as killing 30 million Jews. Therefore, the reward of our martyrs is great, and your reward is also great. Hmmm. What would Jesus think about this? Or Buddha? I was a liberal arts major in college, so math is not one of my strong points. I am fairly certain, however, that killing a "single Jew" is NOT the same as killing 30 million of them. It is the same as killing ONE of them, so I think Mr. Hammad is off by about 2,999,999 in his calculations. Apparently, teaching hate in the Hamas-run schools is more important than teaching arithmetic. (Video follows; related links below video.) RELATED: Obama Worked with Terrorist [ref. Rashid Khalidi]: Senator helped ... [Feb. 24, 2008] American Thinker Blog: The Obama-Khalidi Connection (updated) [Oct. 4, 2008] American Thinker Blog: Obama's Good Friend Rashid Khalidi [May 23, 2008] Media Hides Obama Palestinian Video Judicial Watch [Oct. 27, 2008] Obama-Khalidi Tape: Blogger Obtains Quotes from Hidden Video [Oct. 29, 2008]