Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Why the Clintons Want Obama to Lose

Upstart Obama has blown apart the dreams and plans of Bill and Hillary to create their own dynasty. As many have said before, Bill seems to be doing everything he can to sabotage the Obama Campaign without being too obvious about it. Chicago columnist and book author Carol Felsenthal is something of a Clinton expert. Her book, "Of Golf and Philandering: Bill Clinton in Exile," was released on May 1st. Today, Felsenthal posts a searing indictment of the Clintons in the Huffington Post: If anyone doubted something I've written repeatedly on this page--that Bill and Hillary Clinton prefer to see a McCain victory on November 4th, so that Hillary can run unencumbered in 2012--just get a load of Bill today with the ladies of "The View," and in other interviews, as he prepared to open his Clinton Global Initiative in New York. Felsenthal cites examples to support her hypothesis, such as: Regarding John McCain, Bill paid tribute to the naval aviator's years as a prisoner of war and said that McCain is the only Republican who can win. He quickly added that Obama would win and that he [Clinton] will be supporting and campaigning for Obama/Biden. In other words, Bill Clinton praised John McCain, then did a quick bow to the Obama Campaign... after he got the words of support in for McCain and not-so-subtly reminded people that McCain is a hero. "Oh yes, by the way," he might as well have said, "yeah, the wife and I are supporting McCain's opponent." Intrigue, plotting and back biting. That's politics. And speaking of politics, be sure to read Felsenthal's "Is It Fair to Call Bill Daley a Lobbyist? Well, Actually, Yes It Is" too.