Monday, September 22, 2008

The Vile Wing of the Democrat Party

New friend and author S.E. Cupp at the Daily News (New York) has a blunt message for so-called feminists: I have a message for the self-styled guardians of womanhood who have decided that Sarah Palin is public enemy No. 1 - please stop talking. You're embarrassing yourselves and women all over the country. You are making otherwise thoughtful, careful, intelligent, tolerant and modern American women of every political bent look and sound ridiculous. Ms. Cupp notes what I - and thousands of others - have noted: Leftists are rude and crude. No, not your average Democrat and no, not your average small "l" liberal. The big "L" Libs and Lefties, however, are given to grotesque exaggeration and vile distortion. She has a new book out that addresses this and the myths about conservatives. Cowritten by Brett Joshpe, it is titled "Why You're Wrong About The Right," and it promises to be a best seller. Again, S.E. Cupp: Comedian Margaret Cho has said that Sarah Palin is "the worst thing to happen to America since 9/11." She also makes it clear that for her, feminists by definition must believe what she believes, writing on her blog, "to call [Palin] a feminist is as laughable as calling evangelicals 'Christians,' " a warm and fuzzy, open-armed double punch that she continues by crassly suggesting she'd also like to have explicit sex with Palin. FULL STORY... That's clever? Is that what the Left considers to be valid political commentary? Too often, what should be considered as psychotic lunacy is accepted as brilliant wit by the Vile Wing of the Democrat Party. How can we ever forget the sick, racist rant from the mentally disturbed, very bitter Sandra Bernhardt? RELATED: Palin's good for women - and not because she is one S.E. Cupp’s OP-ED NY Daily News Takes Left Wing Feminists to Task Alaska is the New Kansas