Monday, September 8, 2008

UH OH! Ike on Path for New Orleans...

...or very nearby, most likely Texas, according to the projections by the National Hurricane Center. Right now, Ike is weakened as it scrapes along the western half of Cuba, but as it gets back over the open Gulf of Mexico, "warm waters and current 'soft and stable' upper atmosphere in the Gulf of Mexico could transform Hurricane Ike into a major hurricane" again as it heads toward Houston, says National Geographic. See the NOAA maps here, with current and projected conditions and paths. For a more visually pleasing experience, visit StormPulse, with a map using National Hurricane Center data, but it looks better. MORE NEWS: Still too soon to predict Hurricane Ike's landfall Extensive damage from Ike reported in Cuba Hurricane Ike Rampages Across Cuba, Threatens Gulf Coast Hurricane Ike weakens to Cat. 1 along Cuba coast Ike Hits Northeast Cuba, May Head Toward Gulf Oil Installations