Saturday, September 13, 2008

Truth About Palin from the UK

To listen to Team Obama, you might believe that Sarah Palin is some rube upstart, a white trailer trash broad from the boondocks who got where she's gotten by accident, and that she has no experience or wisdom. Team Obama is wrong, they're lying about it, and the Telegraph UK knows this. The Telegraph UK's James Bennett writes that "Sarah Palin is not such a small-town girl after all," and goes on to tell us things about Sarah Palin that the American mainstream media are reluctant to share. Here is an excerpt from Bennett's article (emphasis added): Far from being a reprise of Mr Smith Goes to Washington, Palin was a clear-eyed politician who, from the day she took office, knew exactly what she had to do and whose toes she would step on to do it. The surprise is not that she has been in office for such a short time but that she has succeeded in each of her objectives. She has exposed corruption; given the state a bigger share in Alaska's energy wealth; and negotiated a deal involving big corporate players, the US and Canadian governments, Canadian provincial governments, and native tribes - the result of which was a £13 billion deal to launch the pipeline and increase the amount of domestic energy available to consumers. This deal makes the charge of having "no international experience" particularly absurd. But, sadly, easy to believe if you're swallowing the lies from Team Obama. Oh, the big media outlets in the US know this too, but believe it or not kids, most of them are swinging for Obama.