Thursday, September 11, 2008


Cold War, Part II. More fallout from Russian aggression in Georgia. Reactions to reactions to reactions. Duck and cover, comrades. Russian news agencies Wednesday quoted a top military officer as warning that Russia could target U.S. missile defenses in Europe with ballistic missiles.... If only President Truman would have let General Patton march to Moscow in 1945, everything would be hunky dory today... Head of strategic missile forces General Nikolai Solovtsov said that Russia could make use of some “counter measures” if the United States goes ahead with plans to place missile defense components in Poland or the Czech Republic, as this could pose a strategic threat to Russia. MORE from Pat Dollard... According to The Hindu newspaper (India), former Soviet slave nations are freaked out by Russia's recent land grab in Georgia. Vladimir Radyuhin writes this for The Hindu: Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Poland had agreed to host the U.S. missile shield as “revenge” on Russia for its military action in Georgia. Washington and Warsaw signed an agreement to base 10 missile interceptors in Poland on August 14, two days after Russia put down Georgia’s military offensive in South Ossetia. MORE at The Hindu... The Hindu also notes: Washington quickly dismissed the Russian draft as a ploy to divert attention from Moscow’s failure to withdraw its troops from Georgia. Mr. Lavrov said the plans of the U.S. and NATO to rearm Georgia showed they had not learnt any lessons from last month’s events. Fingers are pointing, the blame game is on, nothing will be resolved. Various staff writers at touch on that: Washington insists its shield -- endorsed by all 26 NATO member states earlier this year -- is to fend off potential missile attacks by what it calls "rogue states" such as Iran. Moscow says the system is part of an effort to encircle Russia and undermine its nuclear deterrent. MORE from The reality is that tensions are high between the US and the former USSR. It is also reality that nations such as Poland, brutalized and held in bondage for many decades by Russia (witht help KGB agents such as Vladimir Putin) have asked the US for new weapons systems to ward off possible Russian attacks like we saw recently in Georgia. It's hard to blame those nations. They spent most of the 20th Century under Moscow's iron thumb. They are not eager to repeat that experience. You might want to look around your neighborhood and make a note of any remaining fallout shelters. You know, just in case. RELATED: Russian Army Chief: U.S. Interceptor Missile Could Trigger Russian Strike - 12/17/2007 Bomb Shelter + Storm Protection,Shelters,Nuclear,Biological ... Living in the Atomic Age -