Monday, September 29, 2008

Reader Responds to Obama, the Pritzkers and the Subprime Meltdown

A reader responds to Obama, the Pritzkers and the Subprime Meltdown: Subject: Re: Obama/Pritzker Story To: rogersparkbench Date: Monday, September 29, 2008, 12:08 PM Tom...Do enjoy reading your blog..although I have a decided preference for the local issues you cover so well. Still, although being a genuine moderate in my political thinking, now and then I do sense you go over the line in stretching truth to justify a point of view. Nothing wrong with's your blog..and how you think. That said however, the following statement in the above mentioned story is what I think is a perfect example of . You said: "Remember, too, that Obama has received enormous amounts of campaign donations from Fannie Mae. His top advisers oversaw mismanagement and fraud at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac." According to an OPEN SECRETS report published on September 11, 2008, it states that Sen. Obama did in fact receive $120,349 in donations. I mean that is hardly what one could fairly state as 'enormous.' Sizable perhaps, but not as you state. The report also reveals that Sen. McCain received $21,550 for the same reported election cycle...something not noted in your commentary. Here's the link to the report: Enjoy....and thanks for keeping an eye on things here in RP. You, Craig and others do something very important for our little slice of the universe. West Ridge Response: Thanks for your thoughtful email. First, let me say thanks again for your kind words. I'm not sure why $120,349 would not be considered to be enormous. Consider: Federal law limits donations to presidential candidates to $2,300 per person. Consider this: Obama ran for US Senate in 2004. Since that time, he received his $126,349 in campaign contributions from Fannie and Freddie. Compare that to Sen. Dodd, the only one to get more than Barack from Fannie and Freddie. Dodd has been in the Senate for decades. Yet Barack ranks number two on a list of Congressmen and Senators who have been in far longer than he has. See the full list at I am sincerely confused that you do not consider $126,349 in campaign contributions, in less than four years, to be large, big, or "enormous." Ah, as for "local coverage," correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that Barack Obama is our U.S. Senator, and Rogers Park is part of his constituency. He is running to be the president of this nation, which includes Rogers Park. As for the Penny Pritzker connection, she is part of a very influential Chicago family, and Rogers Park is part of Chicago. Local enough for you?