Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Politics Prevents Palin Protest Participation

Democrats displayed their fear, loathing and willingness to threaten this week in a pitiful display of placing partisan politics ahead of confronting an enemy. That enemy - the true enemy, that is - is Iran's Mahmoud "Adolf" Ahmadinejad, who was in New York to attend a United Nations meeting. Let's let Chicago Bungalow fill us in: Hillary Clinton recently cancelled an appearance at a rally planned by several major Jewish-American groups. The rally was to protest Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's threats against Israel, his promotion of terrorism, his jailing and execution of women's rights advocates, religious minorities and others. She withdrew because Sarah Palin was invited to the same rally. FULL POST over by dere... Why would Hillary chicken out like that? Was she afraid of being upstaged by the now-more-popular Palin? Perhaps. Did dissing Palin mean more to Hillary than sending a strong message to Ahmadinejad? Yes, obviously. You see, just as so many on the Left continue to call President Bush a "dictator" (and often in the same breath, an "idiot"), the Left considers Palin to be The Enemy moreso than an actual, honest to Allah dictator like Ahmadinejad. As for the threats made, we'll return to Chicago Bungalow: According to CBS 2 HD's Marcia Kramer, Democrats then threatened the tax exempt status of the participating Jewish groups if Palin were allowed to attend. Hence, they were forced to "disinvite" her. More... So, not only did Hillary chicken out, her own "Democratic" party then threatened to get the IRS after Jewish people if they didn't join in with the Democrat desertion of a valid protest event. Think about this, folks: Threats to persecute Jewish groups with the IRS if they did not dump a major party's VP candidate - oh, forget that, a US citizen - who wanted to participate in a free speech event to protest the dictator of a nation that sponsors terrorism. Ahem, must you be reminded that those are the same Democrats who hope for the election of Barack Obama? This doesn't scare you? It should. It is disturbing that the Left so easily falls into spasmodic hallucinations that do not allow them to see the real enemies of this nation. But then, they see themselves in the mirror every morning. Perhaps the guilt of knowing that they give so much comfort to our real enemies actually adds to their collective craziness.