Friday, September 5, 2008

Political Genetics

Is there a Liberal gene? A Conservative gene? Maybe, say researchers. A study published in May followed nearly 400 identical twins and compared their voting and political preferences. The lead researcher, reports the Science Journal (WSJ), "found the decision to cast a ballot may be partly genetic." Sure. The ability to score a high SAT score or bowl a perfect game is "partly genetic." The significance of this study is yet to be determined. Imaging, though, selectively breeding only Conservatives! Ah, one can dream, but Conservatives can now confidently point to their Liberal cousins and feel genetically superior. Of course, the Liberals can now do the same thing to their Conservative cousins. One thing the Conservatives can take comfort in: Liberals are having far fewer babies in the Western nations. So, laugh while you can Liberals. The Conservatives are outbreeding you.