Friday, September 12, 2008

Palin Panic - and - Blago Defends Palin

Far be it for me to quote Illinois Gov. Blagojevich, but he makes a good point about McCain's VP running mate Sarah Palin. Blago says the Democrats make a mistake in dismissing Palin's experience as a governor. From today's Chicago Defender: CHICAGO - Gov. Rod Blagojevich backs Illinois' Barack Obama, but he said Thursday that it is a mistake for fellow Democrats to discount GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin's experience as Alaska governor.The executive job of governor is like the presidency because the officeholder has to make decisions, Blagojevich said. Lawmakers do different things like "debate and...pass their bills back and forth," he said. MORE... Meanwhile, the Democrats' panic and confusion over how to deal with the Palin phenomenon has them distracted. "What this has done is to make the word 'change' as a campaign slogan meaningless," the New York Times columnist writes. "Mr. Obama will need to find another way to connect his ideas – clearly, crisply and passionately." DALLAS NEWS... RELATED: Dick Morris: Prepare for Sarah Palin versus Hillary Clinton in 2012 Palin charms American heartland CNN Commentary: The Sarah Palin smear-fest CNN Balance of Opinion: Now it's Palin Panic