Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Obama Waffles" Brings Out Democrat Lunacy

FEAR NO ART (Unless You're a Liberal and the Art in Question Pokes Political Fun at You!) 1) Okay, is language a racial trait? (Answer: Nope.) 2) How about criminal activity? (Nope again.) 3) Are illegal aliens in the US all from a single ethnic or racial group? (Again, no.) Democrats love to act as if the answer to each of the above is "yes." Disagree with a lot Dems on certain issues and they instinctively call you a racist. They are obsessed with race, and so their response to concerns about legal versus illegal entry into this country is race, race, race. They disregard the fact that there are people of every ethnicity and race in this country illegally. So now, there's a big stink over a piece of non-racist political satire, which the knee-jerks are pointing at, recoiling, and shrieking "Racist! That's RACIST!!!" Some are stupid enough to believe this. Others are intentionally seizing on it, and not only lying about it, but exaggerating in order to do so. So much for the hypocritical Leftist mantra "Fear No Art." This art has them scared poopless. The item that has putty-spined Liberals so upset is the box of "Obama Waffles" shown here. The New York Times has a story that says Obama Waffles "uses racial stereotypes." The wrote that the artwork on the box shows Obama "as a racial stereotype on its front and wearing Arab-like headdress on its top flap." Huh? First of all, "Arab" is not a race, it's an ethnicity. As for the "headdress," however, well, I see a lot of black men wearing those. I see white guys wearing them too, now and then. Second, the front of the box shows Obama wearing a collared shirt and a neck tie. Gee, aren't collared shirts and neck ties European? I mean, why isn't the NY Times upset that they show Obama dressed in European garb? See, this is how screwed up Liberal thinking is. It gets you all twisted up. Liberals just love to get all in a lather when the Right pokes fun at them. They see racism where none is or is intended. They are quick to call others racists. Of course, this tactic is used only on people that the Liberals perceive as being "right wingers." Did you see that horrible depiction of US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice at the top of this post? Is that racist? In that case, the answer is clearly yes, for it is meant to demean Rice as some kind of race traitor, and is therefore based entirely on race. The Obama Waffles item, on the other hand, is not based on race at all and is not intended to be racist. Tasteless? Maybe, depending on the beholder's taste. But racist? Not even. Oh, by the way, the Condoleeza Rice thing up top is a favorite on Liberal web sites. They think it's hilarious. See, this is how screwed up Liberal thinking is. It gets you all twisted up. You can visit the fun web site of Obama Waffles for yourself. RELATED: Obama Waffles - Racist or Fair Satire?