Saturday, September 6, 2008

Obama: "I mean...I mean...I mean..."

Know what I mean? Today, Obama launched his first real salvo against Sarah Palin, McCain's running mate. He sounded like a panicked idiot. Know what I'm saying? Know what I mean? Excerpts: “I mean, words mean something. You can’t just make stuff up." “I mean, come on, they must think you’re stupid!” Full Story here, know what I mean? I MEAN, RELATED, YOU KNOW? McCain Attracts Record TV Audience, Tops Obama, Palin (Update3) - Bloomberg - Sep 5, 2008 Combined, McCain and Palin, who is Alaska's first-term governor, drew 76.2 million viewers, compared with the 62.4 million who tuned in to see Obama. When Sarah Palin Talked, People Listened - Washington Post Palin Speech Scores Big Ratings - CBS News McCain speech viewership eclipses Obama's: Nielsen - AFP