Saturday, September 13, 2008

Obama the Blockwart

Some good. Some bad. Not all "community organizers" work for the general good. Hitler, for example, was a Blockwart (German for "block warden," or "community organizer"). Hitler later used other Blockwarten to perpetuate his evil. It cannot be denied that the Nazis organized a community. Today a community, tomorrow the world, perhaps. Hitler's oratorial skills and organizing abilities helped him to take advantage of social and economic unrest, just as many (not all) "community organizers" do today. Other examples of people who organized communities in history: Gangster Disciples ("GDs") - Chicago based gang, estimated by FBI to rake in around $100 Million per year in nationwide narcotics sales. According to, the GDs have tried more than once to legitimize their image by becoming, yep, community organizers: "In the 1990s the Gangster Disciples entered into politics through the formation of the 'Growth and Development' movement. Gangster Disciples began blanketing the city of Chicago attempting to register voters from the inner city. They then 'encouraged' the newly registered voters to vote for candidates loyal to their cause. While incarcerated, the Black Gangster Disciples will unite with allied gangs under the guise of the Brothers of Struggle (BOS). The gang continues to be involved in large scale drug trafficking, murders and white-collar crime." [Source] Benito Mussolini - Mussolini's skills as an orator and organizer helped him to take advantage of social and economic unrest. Gengis Khan - Organized his community in Mongolia, got on their horses, and went forth to reorganize, rape and pillage other communities. Huey Newton and Bobby Seale, the Black Panthers - Worked for civil rights but believed in doing so violently. They rejected Martin Luther King's nonviolence credo and worked for equality in education, housing, employment and civil rights - by preaching hate for and violence toward white people. Sadly, the Panthers also used murderous violence and larceny on their own community. (See: Ah, those Black Panthers! How Beautiful! by Sol Stern) Ku Klux Klan - Leaders of the racist KKK were always organizing, or attempting to organize, their communities. Some were successful, others not. There are tens of thousands more examples, good and bad. I highlighted a few bad ones here just to illustrate that the term "community organizer" is meaningless if it is not put into context. RELATED: What does a "community organizer" do? Culture11