Saturday, September 13, 2008

Obama-Biden Insentive to Handicapped

Within one week, Obama-Biden mocked and ridiculed handicapped people, the elderly, injured war veterans, and people who do not use computers. The first incident involved US Senator Joe Biden, the dumbest lump of fecal matter ever to run for Vice President, recently told a wheelchair-bound man to "stand up," embarassing both himself and the man in front of thousands of people. Here's what happened, as reported by the The Star, Kansas City: [Biden] was speaking before a large crowd when he decided to give special recognition to State Senator Chuck Graham, a Columbia Democrat. "Chuck, stand up, let the people see you," Biden shouted. However, Biden did not realize that Graham is confined to a wheelchair. This raises questions: Could Biden not see Sen. Graham? If he could see him, did he not see the wheelchair? If he did see the wheelchair, did he not know what that indicated? Did Biden's staff not brief him about Sen. Graham? Why is Biden the VP candidate on a major party ticket? The second incident is an Obama-Biden campaign ad that, all in one minute, mocks elder handicapped war veterans and people who do not use computers. (See "Bastard Obama Mocks Handicapped, War Veterans") RELATED: » ‘Stand Up For Chuck’: Biden Makes a Save After ... Joe Biden to Man in Wheechair: "Stand Up, Chuck. Let 'Em See Ya!" Pat Dollard Young Americans Blog Archive » ‘Stand Up For Chuck ... Barack Obama: messiah or Mr. Magoo?