Sunday, September 21, 2008

Morse Avenue Is Dangerous

Morse Avenue remains a dangerous place, despite the lies told by 49th Ward Alderman Joe "the Squid" Moore and his accomplices at DevCorp North. Crime is NOT down in Rogers Park, Chicago. One of the most dangerous areas of Rogers Park is the stretch W. Morse Avenue between N. Sheridan Road on the east and N. Clark Street to the west. Shooting, drug sales, public defecation and urination, gang fights, robberies. That's what you need to look out for on W. Morse Avenue. Many hope that the addition of the Morse Theatre will help reduce the crime on Morse. It might, but don't hold your breath. The Morse Theatre itself was the target of arsonists recently, and nearly every night you can buy narcotics or sex in the alley along its western wall. Small shops are regularly the vicitms of shoplifitng and robbery. Nevertheless, DevCorp North's Kimberly Bares insists that Morse Avenue is great, and that all the goods and services we've hoped for are now available there. Sure, if all you've hoped for is a Dollar Store and crack sales. RELATED: Businesses Leaving Rogers Park "Raw" Video of Mural Ceremony Morse Avenue Streetscape? Huh? Where? When? Flashback: Morse Theatre Attacked Continuously by Moore Operative