Friday, September 5, 2008

If Sarah Palin Was French...

The media have been making a disproportionately silly fuss about the Sarah Palin's pregnant daughter. Palin, the Republican VP nominee and John McCain's running mate, is not pregnant. Whatever. Palin is not the story here. The story here is a female French political figure (no pun intended), who is now pregnant and causing a bit of a stir in French editorial meeting rooms. Rachida Dati, 42 years old, is President Sarkozy's Justice Minister. She is also - gasp! - pregnant. Dati has, so far, refused to reveal the name of the father. The frumpier British, just across the Channel, are just as eager to follow the scandal. Heavy coverage of Dati's pregnancy is daily grist in the British media. Then again, the Germans like the smell of scandal, too. Die Welt (The World) online asks, "Wer ist der Vater von Rachida Datis Kind?" ("Who is the Father of the Child of Rachida Datis?"). The Dati story has the French discussing issues of privacy for those in the public eye: French media bosses defend their respect for public figures' private lives, contrasting it with the voyeuristic excesses of the "Anglo-Saxons". But they also relay every juicy detail that comes across the frontier. Sarah Palin's "baby-gate" has received full play here, though she would never have been troubled about her daughter if she were a French politician. We could take that further and say that Palin would not be persecuted for her daughter's pregnancy by the left-wing U.S. media if she were a liberal Democrat. RELATED: Rise of Rachida Dati: The minister, the 'virgin bride' and the row ... Le tout Paris asks pregnant Rachida Dati: 'Who's the daddy ... People: Rachida Dati keeps France guessing News The First Post Sarkozy's former 'girlfriend' justice minister Rachida Dati ... En Francaise: Résultats dans l'Actualité pour Rachida Dati Aznar dément être le père de l'enfant de Rachida Dati A la recherche du père de l’enfant de Rachida Dati