Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy 85th Anniversary!

Happy 85th Anniversary to Business Partners, the Chamber for Uptown, the oldest operating neighborhood chamber in Chicago. I am especially pleased to see this fine group doing so well. I had the privilege recently to contribute to their 2008-2009 Uptown Community Guide, which will be online sometime in the near future. Working with Executive Director Christie Hahn and her staff was a real pleasure. Here's to many more years of growing success for Business Partners, the Chamber for Uptown! Next Thursday, Sept. 11, Business Partners, the Chamber for Uptown, in conjunction with Uptown United, will celebrate its 85th anniversary with a silent auction and sit-down dinner at the Saddle and Cycle Club. MORE INFORMATION from Lorrain Swanson... Also see: Business Partners, The Chamber for Uptown Uptown United - Business - Development - Community