Thursday, September 4, 2008

Detroit Mayor Pleads Guilty, Resigns

ANOTHER PAL OF BARACK OBAMA IN TROUBLE. ANOTHER PAL DISOWNED BY BARACK OBAMA. DETROIT'S "HIP-HOP MAYOR" KWAME KILPATRICK PLEADS GUILTY TO BAD BEHAVIOR. has a killa article about the ongoing troubles... As much as Detroiters are relieved to be rid of their lubricious, dissembling mayor, Barack Obama has to be even more relieved. Kilpatrick pleaded guilty this morning and simultaneously agreed to resign as mayor. Detroit's City Council begged him to resign for months. Michigan's governor and state legislature spent months consulting with lawyers to boot him out of office. Democrat Kilpatrick agreed this morning to resign immediately upon his guilty plea. See Guilty Plea Video Here. Last year, before addressing the Detroit Economic Club, Obama praised Kilpatrick as "a great mayor." This year, he told the mayor to stay away from the Democratic National Convention. In fact, late yesterday, Obama's camp issued a statement saying that Kilpatrick is hurting the city by staying in office. The campaign made the statement in response to a Free Press inquiry regarding Wednesday's developments in the text message scandal. [Source: Detroit Free Press] Why Obama showed such poor judgement in praising Kilpatrick, and for so long ignoring Detroit's massive problems of unemployment, scandal and decay under Kilpatrick is anybody's guess. One thing is clear, however: Kilpatrick was a good soldier in the Democrat Army, a politician in the Detroit Machine no different than the corrupt cogs in the Chicago Machine, of which Obama is a product. Kilpatrick has earned himself a bad reputation. By "bad," I mean "not good." But that didn't stop Barack Obama from lavishing praise on him a year ago. "And so I'm grateful to call him a friend and a colleague," Obama said, "And I'm looking forward to a lengthy collaboration in terms of making sure that Detroit does well in the future." Obama won't get that "lengthy collaboration" from his "friend and colleague," who is bound now for jail. By his reelection campaign in 2005, Kilpatrick already had his head on the chopping block. His 300-pound ex-footballer's frame, his chalk-striped suits and his diamond earrings had earned him the nickname "The Hip-Hop Mayor." Kilpatrick had alienated voters by leasing a $25,000 Lincoln Navigator on the city's dime and traveling with a Caesarian security detail. He allegedly used a city card to charge champagne and spa massages. FULL ARTICLE at Salon... RELATED: Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick sent to jail - Los Angeles Times Your Black News: Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick Will Resign Immediately Kilpatrick Guilty: A Boost for Obama? KILPATRICK PLEADS: 'I LIED UNDER OATH' Ex-Kilpatrick aide pleads the 5th in FOIA suit Detroit Mayor Succumbs to Mountain of Evidence