Chicago's Hidden Financial Scandal

UPDATED, OCT. 17, 2008: ALSO SEE OBAMA CONNECTED TO SUNRISE EQUITIES, PART ONE On this day of financial crises and meltdowns, here is an excellent and very relevant report from Bill Morton about what seems to be a major financial scandal in Chicago's Indian-Pakistani community. It holds every promise of growing into a big story: The tease: SUNRISE EQUITY INVESTMENT COMPANY'S OFFICE IS CLOSED, STAFF IS GONE, AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE "SALMAN IBRAHIM" IS NOT PICKING UP PHONE AND NOT SEEING ANYBODY. The sleaze: The missing CEO of Sunrise Equities, Inc. also contributed to your fave and mine, Joe "the Alder-Joker" Moore! Meanwhile, the Pakistani and Indian community is frustrated, angry, and wanting to know the whereabouts of Salman Ibrahim. They want to receive some return for the vast amounts of money they invested with him. Some are destitute, bereft because they trusted this snake with every dime they had. Kudos to Bill Morton for reporting this to us. Read much more about it at Rogers Park in 1000 Words... RELATED: UPDATED, OCT. 17, 2008: OBAMA CONNECTED TO SUNRISE EQUITIES, PART ONE The Failure of Sunrise Equities