Friday, September 12, 2008


Hurrican Ike could very well dwarf Hurricane Katrina in terms of total destruction. The National Weather Service warned residents of smaller structures on Galveston they could "face certain death" if they ignored an order to evacuate; most had complied, along with hundreds of thousands of fellow Texans in counties up and down the coastline. CBS News... See the NOAA maps here, with current and projected conditions and paths. For a more visually pleasing experience, visit StormPulse, with a map using National Hurricane Center data, but it looks better. ALSO: Texans flee 'certain death' in storm Ike Strengthening: Personal And Federal Preparedness Key North Texas prepares for Hurricane Ike evacuees Hurricane Ike whips waves as it moves into Texas Crude dips below $100 for first time in 5 months Ike Already Affecting US Gas Prices