Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bastard Obama Mocks Handicapped, War Veterans

In a post aptly titled "Obama's Brutish Ignorance," friend Anne Leary shows the cruelty of Kamp Obama. A new ad by Comrade Obama's team (video below) mocks John McCain for not being able to send an email or knowing how to use a computer. Uhm, are the Obamamite really so ignorant that they don't know McCain is physically challenged and cannot raise his arms to a keyboard? Or are they just insensitive to handicapped war veterans? And what about the millions of senior citizens who still haven't - and never will - learn to use a computer? Gosh, how did President Franklin Roosevelt manage with using email ... or being able to stand up? The Obama campaign ad that derided Sen. John McCain for not using email is creating a backlash, and deservedly so. The brutish ignorance displayed is breathtaking. Nor does the Tribune mention in their story on it today the real reason John McCain can't use a keyboard--he was beaten so hard in captivity he is unable to. FULL POST at Backyard Conservative... By the way, the bowling ball was invented waaaaay before computers, or even typewriters, and Barack Obama still doesn't know how to use one of those. Oh, and another thing - Does Barack Obama know how to fly a fighter jet??? One blog commenter put it nicely: Considering the fact that I design computer systems for a living, I think I can say without qualification: I have observed quite a few high-ranking executives and others who couldn't use a computer, do not use e-mail; and yet are enormously successful as they have others to provide the information they want and need to make decisions. SOURCE: RELATED: Oops, Obama ad mocks McCain's inability to send e-mail. Trouble is ... LA Times Michelle Malkin » Lamest Obama ad ever: McCain doesn’t do e-mail! Obama Ad Ridiculing McCain Backfires