Thursday, September 4, 2008

Avy Myers, Insane Clown Poseur

Local YouTuber and fashion template Avy Myers, a bigoted man who hates "colored people," challenges neighbors in the Rogers Park/West Ridge area to come on his video show. He then calls them liars. Then he apologizes for the rant. What a jerk. In his weird rant (below) he says, "I have no problems being criticized. I've been in the press most of my life, almost all of it, I get criticized a lot, I get ripped up a lot, but when I'm ripped up on what I really said and for things I really believe in one way or another, that's fair. Making up lies....shame on you." Yet, Myers is a guy who regularly sucks up to frequent local politicos and lets them lie openly on his shows. Myers himself is a serial liar. Who the hell does Avy Myers think he is? He's called me transsexual, a false accusation that he picked up from one of Joe Moore's dirty tricksters. Avy Myers has called News-Star editor Lorraine Swanson a "socialist," which is darkly funny because the rest of the Democrat Mafia around here call her a "right winger." Neither description is accurate. Myers needs to open a nice deli in the neighborhood and drop the pretense of being a television star. He ain't. Related: The Bench: Avy Meyers Is Crazy