Wednesday, September 24, 2008

An (Always) Timely Message

A note from Michael Glasser, owner of This past summer, the community joined forces to help support a local friend and community leader, Mary Jane Haggerty, who is presently suffering from cancer. Mary Jane is presently home and valiantly fighting the scourge of cancer. Mary Jane's ability to find strength might indeed be predicated on the love, support and prayers from friends and loved ones. In contrast, last week I was shocked to learn that a long time friend, business colleague and former Rogers Park resident killed himself. Apparently, pressure associated with the troubled real estate market was too much, and he felt that suicide was his only option - an option, tragically, that he pursued. His untimely death came as a surprise to many of us in the Rogers Park Builders Group who considered him our friend. We saw no sign. We had no idea. During these troubling economic times, let's realize that depression and hopelessness inflict many of us - and not everyone is equipped with the ability to cope. Keep an eye on friends and family, ask folks how they are doing, and offer comfort and understanding when you see a chance to do so. Support and care from family and friends can do much to help those in need - including those who might not ask for it.