Friday, September 5, 2008

Alderman's Pal, Wisconsin Plates, No City Stickers

Culture of corruption, albeit on a dinky scale. One of 49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore's chief operatives doesn't respect the vehicle registration rules of either the City of Chicago or the State of Illinois. Jim Ginderske (left), who ran against Moore in the 2007 aldermanic race, is now one of Moore's key allies. Both men are working hard for Barack Obama. (Both men are "Democrats," although true Democrats would tell you otherwise.) There are more examples of this in the 49th Ward: Rene Camargo (right), operative for DevCorp North, harasses struggling merchants by telling them what color to paint their ceilings, but Camargo has no Chicago city stickers on his vehicle. Camargo tells people that he lives in Rogers Park, but has Evanston city stickers on his car. Either he's a carpetbagger from Evanston telling Chicago businesses what to do - with the implied authority of Moore behind him - or he lives in Chicago but is in violation of Chicago law just as Ginderske seems to be. RELATED: Joe Moore Political Operative Shuns City Sticker