Monday, August 25, 2008

Who Is Delmarie Cobb?

Is she an "Uncle Tom?" Cobb, a delegate to the Democrat National Convention in Denver, has accused Illinois Senate President Emil Jones of calling her an Uncle Tom because she continues to support Hillary Clinton. We know that Jones is one of Obama's top supporters, a mentor, an old friend. But who exactly is Delmarie Cobb? She is a major player in the Democratic Party and a popular political consultant in the Chicago area. Lightweights don't become the press secretary for the Democrat National Convention, as Cobb was in 1996. Among the luminaries she has worked for and with are Jesse Jackson, Sr. and Jesse Jackson, Jr., Bobby Rush, and others. This hardly makes her sound like an "Uncle Tom." A significant article on April 2 noted that "Over the last few months Cobb has been in an interesting and sometimes frustrating place. As an African-American from Barack Obama's hometown who supports Hillary Clinton, Cobb has been pulled into the national conversation on race, gender, and bare-knuckles campaigning. This afternoon she shared a few of her thoughts in an interview." FULL ARTICLE at Chicago Reader... (The Reader couldn't have known then how relevant that article would be today.) It seems, then, that the alleged Emil Jones slandering of her as an Uncle Tom is something that Cobb has had to deal with for a while. Back to that Reader article, in which Cobb is quoted as saying: Being a Hillary Clinton supporter, I don’t know why you have to tear down one person to be in favor of someone else. That’s the overall problem I have with this entire campaign. It’s not just been Jeremiah Wright—it’s with so many of Obama’s supporters. There’s the need to attack supporters of everyone else, and to make them into racists. Cobb did a radio interviewed on "Beyond the Beltway." Listen to that April 27 interview here (mp3 audio). RELATED: Delmarie Cobb Campaign Contributions and Donations -- Huffington Post The ODDS against marital bliss for the professional black woman - Pastor vs The Pol: Did Wright Mean To Hurt Obama? Hillary Delegate Accuses Obama Mentor of Calling Her 'Uncle Tom'